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Automated Lighting Controls, Greenville, SC/Charlotte, NC

Home Lighting Automation for Homeowners in Greenville, SC & Charlotte, NC

Automated Lighting Controls Greenville SC/Charlotte NC

Being a homeowner is a lot of work, so when there’s a chance to make even the smallest task a little easier, it’s important to take advantage. That’s why Southern Traditions Window Fashions offers home lighting automation installations that make brightening and dimming your home fast and easy.

Great Lighting Without the Hassle

We offer an array of lighting automation  products that help you control the lighting in your home with ease. Some options include:

  • Occupancy/vacancy sensors – Sensors will automatically turn on lights when you enter a room and off when you leave.
  • Smart phone/tablet controls – Control the lighting of your home, even while you’re away! Simply download an easy-to-use app to your smartphone or tablet to get started.

All of our installations are easy to maintain and operate, making lighting and dimming your home a breeze.

Our Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized blinds and shades offer another way to conveniently control the lighting of your home. With the click of a button, our motorized window treatment allows you to control how much natural light enters your home. Even better, they can be operated from your smartphone or tablet. Our motorized window treatments have the following benefits:

  • Energy savings – Motorized shades help keep your home as warm or as cool as you desire without straining your HVAC
  • Safety – Eliminate the need for cords that can be tangled by children or pets.

Give Us a Call or Visit Our Showroom

To learn more about our automated lighting and motorized window treatment installations, contact Southern Traditions Window Fashions today for a free consultation or visit our showroom.