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Elegant Plantation Shutters in Greenville, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina

Plantation Shutters Installed for Homeowners in Greenville, SC, & Charlotte, NC

Plantation Shutters GreenvilleThere isn’t anything more quintessentially Southern when it comes to home design than plantation shutters. These elegant, clean window coverings have become a staple in so many Southern homes for their classic style that can enhance any home’s aesthetic.  At Southern Traditions Window Coverings, we specialize in installing high-quality plantation shutters in homes from Greenville, SC, to Charlotte, NC.

Our custom plantation shutters are designed to cover the full height of your windows and can be adapted to fit whatever type of windows your home has installed. Homeowners can also choose from wood and composite shutters in a variety of finishes and colors to complement their home’s unique style. We want homeowners to have an abundance of options when it comes to their interior window shutters, therefore, we work with multiple leading manufacturers such as Hunter Douglas, Graber, and Norman USA.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Not only do plantation shutters offer an aesthetic upgrade and are widely considered to be the most beautiful window coverings available, but they also provide a number of functional benefits to investing in them as well. When you invest in new plantation shutters, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Increased Home Value – Plantation shutters are appraised as a valuable addition to homes from a resale perspective.
  • Noise Reduction – These shutters are sturdy and effective at reducing noise pollution from outside while also helping to insulate sounds inside the home.
  • Improved Insulation – With the extra layer of protection that plantation shutters offer, homeowners will often see improved energy efficiency within their home. The shutters aid in keeping homes cool during warmer months and warm during the winters, which puts less pressure on HVAC units, thus reducing energy bills.

Ready to invest in plantation shutters for your Charlotte, NC, or Greenville, SC, area home? Contact Southern Traditions Window Coverings today!

Heritance Hardwood Shutters

The classic tradition of plantation-style shutters in real wood, featuring a large selection of paint and stain finishes, including six artisan techniques. Breathe timeless romance into your home with Heritance Hardwood Shutters. Handcrafted with dovetail joinery for long-lasting style and durability.

Woodlore Composite Shutters

Robust design, combined with innovative products, provide Woodlore composite shutters with strength and beauty. Created with elements of real wood, as well as the durability of additional materials, Woodlore composite shutters are designed to last.

Graber Shutters

Bring character and unique design to your home with Graber shutters. Customize the look of your home with a vast selection of paints and stains. Enhance the beauty and style of your windows with the striking look of these shutters, available in either wood or composite.

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